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No Project Too Big, Too Small, or Too Weird

Highlove Company is a collective of artists, builders, and creatives who partner together to bring your creative dreams to life.

Whether it’s a rainbow chapel in the middle of the forest, a custom solar trailer for camping in the desert, or a polished installation for your corporate event, our team will ensure your results are unforgettable.

We can build a concept from the ground up for you, or take your concepts and bring them to life. Your level of creative involvement is entirely up to you, and your budget.

We’re skilled with more than just heavy equipment & power tools. Our rich network of performers allows you to focus on the guest list while we handle the show.

OSHA Safety Certified

International Availability

Latest Projects

Unicorn Palace

The Unicorn Palace is an immersive, art installation at Lightning in A Bottle Festival. We design, build & manage the space, including nightly programming and entertainment. We do it all!

Solar Generator Trailer

This fully custom off-grid trailer was developed to power a fridge, freezer, and charge multiple electric bikes and other electronic equipment for a client attending Burning Man.

Psychedelic Chapel

In partnership with Nova Han & Vujade productions, the chapel is an immersive art installation at the Electric Forest Festival. The space is a festival favorite,  hosting daily “weddings”, and a variety of avant garde nightly programming.

We’ve Been Building For Over 20 Years

Our founder, Mark Highlove’s first major project was helping construct a series of Los Angeles Metrolink stations.  Today, he builds immersive installations, custom vehicles, props & countless other custom projects worldwide.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Don’t wait to schedule your project with Highlove Company. We are ready to turn your dreams into reality. Contact us now to get started, your initial consultation is free!
What if I am not sure exactly what I am looking to create?
No problem! A large part of our discovery process is getting to know you and your goals for the project. Even if you only have a vague outline of what you are trying to achieve, our team will partner with you to finalize the perfect design.
Can we design a few different concepts and then decide?
Of course, just book an hourly design consultation where we help you flesh out your ideas. We will chat to get a solid proof of concept before we pursue the build phase.
Can I get a bid from you for my project?
We are happy to provide a quote if you are interested in working with us. However, we do not participate in competitive bidding. While we have no interest in winning a race to the bottom, we will happily help you scale your project to fit your budget.  Our clients hire us because of the quality of our work, not because we are the cheapest option (even if we sometimes are).
What if I am on a tight budget?
While you may not get everything and the kitchen sink, we can scale your idea to match your budget. Often, the easiest way to save is to simplify. We are also able to design & execute your project in phases to allow you to incrementally work towards the final goal.
I have some shiny new tools! Can I help you build?
Sure! However, be aware that your skill level & level of involvement may impact the timeline and budget for your project. We are happy to discuss this further as we map out the scope of the project you have in mind.
What if I needed it...yesterday?
We are occasionally available for rush projects. Contact us immediately to discuss availability and be prepared for additional rush project fees. While we don’t explicitly charge a rush project fee, the quickest source for materials is often not the cheapest. If it can’t be sourced locally, expect to pay more per item plus expedited shipping for rush jobs.

Client Testimonials

“Mark’s high level of skill and professionalism is matched only by his fantastic work demeanor and joyful personality. He is, and always has been, a pleasure to have on any project.” Jade Mangiaifico

Founder and Creative Director, Vujade Productions

“Highlove is a man of high integrity, committment, passion, and professionalism. He brings a team of cohorts that know how to get the job done on a timeline, within budget, and with a lot of fun. ” Nova Han

Creative Director | Producer, Nova Han Productions

“Mark always delivers a top notch professional service.  We’ve enjoyed working with him and his team for many years and looking forward to many more.” Josh Flemming

Creative Director, Do Lab

“Working with Mark and Highlove Company is always an absolute pleasure. He and his team bring a creative, positive can-do anything approach to bringing artful experience to life! When faced with challenges he brings solutions rather then asking for them and remains flexible throughout changes and challenges. ” Monica Fernandez

Executive Producer, Do Lab

“Mark is an extremely important asset to our organization. His attention to detail and follow through has been a tremendous benefit to our clients and our capabilities.” Kyle Holland

Sales Manager, Stretch Shapes

“Mark was a phenomenal handyman for us.  He was punctual, liked by our tenants and performed his repairs in a professional and efficient manner.”
Trevor G.

Property Management Connection, Nashville, TN

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